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African Masks

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Long Face Fang Mask 

Priced for only one mask. You do not get two for the price.

16" long x 7" wide. No two are alike and none can be specified. Made in Cameroon

Retail Price: $79.90

Senegalese Mahogany Mask 19-20" 

Discover the Joy of Africa's Many Faces!
These ornate masks have extremely detailed carving and are made only from the finest mahogany wood. Each one stands 19-20" tall. All masks vary slightly, but each one has a personality of its own!

Retail Price: $39.90

Large Ghana Fang Mask - Symbol Orange 

These hand-crafted masks are engraved with famous African symbols, like the gye nyame symbol or the sankofa bird. Fang masks hold an important place in Ghanaian history, as the masks were used in initiation ceremonies. They were also used for hunting or in dancing ceremonies. Hand-crafted in Ghana. Approx. 25-30" long and 3-5" wide. Masks are sold per one, not as a pair.

Hand-crafted masks may vary from the photo.

Masks will incur over-sized shipping.

Retail Price: $59.90
Maasai Totem Masks 
Enjoy a true piece of African heritage and add a creative touch to any home with this majestic Maasai Totem masks. The Maasai people pass these masks down from generation to generation to honor their ancestors. When doing this, it is believed that the ancestors will pass down blessings to the owner. Approximately 23" tall. Designs will vary and none can be specified. Made in Kenya.
Retail Price: $29.90

Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask 36" 
Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask 36" Add some African art to your walls with this Over-Sized Kenyan Family Tree Mask. Masks are a long tradition in African art. This hand-carved mask depicts a face with an African family over the head. It is a celebration of the African carving technique and the African family. It is 36” high X 10” wide. Hand-carved from 100% wood in Kenya.
Retail Price: $159.90
Medium Ghana Fang Mask - Symbol Redwood 
Bring out the wild side in your home decoration with this hand crafted Ghana decorative mask. Designs will vary slightly from each piece. Approximately 15”-20” x 5”. Made in Ghana
Retail Price: $27.90

Large Cameroon Chokwe Mask 

Add a dramatic African piece to your décor with this original Chokwe mask. No two are alike and none can be specified. Made with dark wood and carved to resemble a human head with slit eyes, a sharp nose and broad lips. The face has traditional scarifications on the forehead and cheeks that are meant to be marks of beautification. Flowing hair made out of rigid woven raffia rope complete this uniquely African visage. Sure to be a conversation piece when hung in your home or office. The mask is 9” x 15”. Made in Cameroon. 

Retail Price: $99.90

African Village Wood Plaque: Style-C
 African Village Wood Plaque: Style-C Own an authentic piece of African art with this African Village Wood Plaque, Style-C. The plaque uses traditional African carving techniques to depict a scene of village life in Africa. In Style-C there are people working in front of hut. This wall hanging is 17” high X 8” wide. Made in Kenya. 

Retail Price: $35.90
  Fertility Idol Fan Statue 
Fertility Idol Fan Statue
Celebrate the art and beliefs of Ghana with this hand-crafted fertility idol fan statue. This fan statue features the famous Ashanti fertility doll as its handle. These dolls have long been believed to provide the gift of fertility to whoever owns them. Each one is carved from a rich, dark polished wood. The fans are wicker. Each is 14" tall. Made in Ghana
Retail Price: $27.90

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